My name is Ken Sikes and I have been the pastor at Manitou since the summer of 2003. Originally from East Tennessee, I first came to Tacoma in 1995 with the Army.   After departing both in 1998, I was drawn back a year later to marry Erin, a Seattle native and Tacoma school teacher.  We spent the next three years in Atlanta before Manitou called me to be their pastor in the summer of 2003.  The third time seems to have been the charm as we've remained in South Tacoma, to work, play and raise our three children; a decision we've never regretted.   

"People do not love Rome because she was great, Rome was great because people loved her."  Over fourteen years of ministry I have found a similar sentiment to be true of our neighborhood South Tacoma.  Our neighborhood isn't likely to wow you upon arrival.  It is a modest blue collar community.  A place you might go through but not as often to.  But if you'll give it time.  If you will love it, you will start to see it's beauty; in the fir studded parks and the multi-hued faces.  

The same can be said as well of the Manitou congregation.   Our congregation won't wow you upon arrival.  We are a modest gathering of the retired, disabled, young parents and children.  You may not immediately love Manitou because she's beautiful, but the more you begin to love her, the more you will see Manitou's beauty. 

If you have a spark of interest in exploring God, life, faith and meaning I would love to help fan the flames.

Grace and Peace,  Ken