South Tacoma Cross Walk

This will be our 7th year walking the community, remembering victims of violence and reclaiming places of hurt as places of hope.  That's what we do.  Will you join us again this year?  If so, meet at Manitou Park Presbyterian Church (6613 S. Cheyenne) on Thursday, April 19th at 5:00. 

Join us for the entire walk, part or even one stop.  We’ve listed the times so you’ll know where we plan to be.  At each stop we will offer a brief recounting of the person, the nature of the violence and a prayer.  We can not do anything to bring them back, but we can do something to honor their life and work to end violence in the future.

2012 cross walk tnt.JPG

Stop  Time           Mile            Location                                  Person

Start   5:00                                6613 S. Cheyenne  (MPPC)            

1        5:10             0                 Manitou Park                              Fernando Sandoval  (17)

2        5:20             .2                Tyler & 66th                               James Timmons (46)

3        5:50             1.6               58th & Montgomery                     Robert Crall (54)

4        6:00             1.8               56th & S. Tacoma Way                 Jason Galaviz (40)

5        6:15             2.2               52nd & S. Tacoma Way                Tyrell Stokes (29)

6        6:30             2.5               47th and Warner/Puget Sound      Brandon Morris (19)

7        6:45             3.1               S. Oaks & 51st                            Hector Gonzalez (15)

8        6:50             3.3               S. Oakes & 54th                          James A. Guillory (28)

9        7:00             4.0               56th Street Shell Station              Julio Segura-McIntosh (3)

At the completion of our walk, we’ll get picked up and taken back to Manitou where we will close our walk with a simple ritual.  If you have questions, please call me (Ken Sikes) at 253-228-5862 or e-mail