Manitou is a Huron Indian title for God, and we believe it is no coincidence that this neighborhood bears thatname.  Even before we were here, God’s Spirit was present. 

Our congregation’s encounter with God began over 100 years ago when a traveling minister heard the echo’s of God’s voice in the songs of children.  He followed the sound and discovered Mrs. Shumake leading several children in songs under an old crooked fir tree.   That chance encounter eventually led to the official formation of Manitou Park Presbyterian Church in 1912. 

From the beginning, this congregation was a church of the community.  When the construction of our current building was completed in 1929, Rev. Acheson said, “Our church is a community affair, planned to concentrate on the needs of the persons who live here.  We serve the illiterate and the educated, the rich and the poor—if they are members of our community, our aim is to everything in our power to help them in every way.”

For over 100 years, we have attempted to live this claim.  Food, clothes, education, worship, community events and civic involvement have all been means to help our community in every way.   But, without a doubt, our greatest help to the community is by reflecting the love and grace of Jesus Christ, who is the name that gives true meaning to the title Manitou.

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